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Relief Factor Ingredients

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1- Neuriva Nootropic Brain Support Supplement – Original Capsules (75 Count in a Bottle), Phosphatidylserine, Gluten Free, Decaffeinated 1,273
2- Nature Made Turmeric Curcumin 500 mg Capsules, 120 Count for Antioxidant Support 7,982
3- Solgar Chelated Zinc, 250 Tablets – Zinc for Healthy Skin – Supports Cell Growth & DNA Formation 7,736
4- Nature Made Iron 65 mg (365 Count, from Ferrous Sulfate) 1 Bottle, 365 Tablets 4,852
5- Vitron-C High Potency Iron Supplement with Vitamin C, Boosts Energy, 60 Count 12,122


What Is Relief Factor? – Relief Factor Ingredients

In this article, we will discuss what is Relief Factor and what are the ingredients. Relief Factor is a 100% drug-free, botanical supplement containing fish oil, developed to reduce the pain caused by a lot of exercise and even less active life, which increases with aging. Relief Factor’s manufacturer shared information on its website that these products provide the right body environment to combat joint pain and contain ingredients that can reduce inflammation in joints or anywhere in the body. It aims to solve the basic problems in four different ways to directly eliminate joint pain. Relief Factor Ingredients…

Relief Factor Ingredients 

Relief Factor helps you get rid of daily aches and pains. In addition, Relief Factor is a 100% drug-free botanical and fish oil product born from 15 years of clinical It is an application that will help your body reduce the stress and pain caused by sports aging and daily life. The Relief Factor is part of an integrated health plan that helps the body reduce inflammation over time. It needs to be taken regularly to achieve the best results and the Help Factor Preferred Customer plan simplifies this.

All the key ingredients in Relaxation Factor (Turmeric, Resveratrol, Icariin and Omega-3) help support the body’s natural response to inflammation to reduce or even eliminate pain associated with exercise and daily life. Relief Factor helps address underlying problem areas through four different metabolic pathways to support pain relief at its source.

When we examine Relief Factor Ingredients, we can say that it contains Icariin, Resveratrol, Turmeric, Omega-3.


It helps maintain the most nitric oxide production to support blood flow and allows your tissues to regenerate. It improves the natural response to daily injury and injury by affecting the genetic expression of key enzymes.


Free radical neutralizer that supports a broad spectrum of the body’s normal and natural responses and strengthens blood vessel health. It gives a healthy response to biological stress.


Provides Curcumin phytosome for bioavailability and absorption. Maximum support for the body’s natural and healthy response to extreme movements that may cause discomfort. It performs the balanced activities of multiple enzyme systems.


Highly concentrated EPA / DHA supports the maintenance of healthy tissues and the normal expression of genes in your body’s immune system. It helps your body to heal naturally.


Relief Factor 3-Week Quickstart

Relief Factor is a powerful drug-free formula created to help support your body’s responses. With the help of leading medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors, Relief Factor was born from 15 years of clinical practice and research by physicians determined to find a better solution for back, neck, shoulder, pain patients. Hip and knee pain, including general muscle aches and pains.

Relief Factor Calm

Relief Factor calm helps you with some things. For example, it allows you to relax before going to bed at night. Or if you have an attention deficit and focus problem, it helps you concentrate. It supports you to eliminate the stress of daily life. 


Relaxation Factor Calm Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that can be found in high concentration in your nervous system. Helps the body alleviate high cortisol levels. PS promotes healthy brain function, memory, and mental focus.

Relief Factor Passionflower, the other active ingredient in Calm, is a traditional medicinal herb You can use it to support the function of your normal healthy nervous system, sleep efficiently and relieve body tension. These botanical extracts work to support your body’s systems while balancing and neutralizing the negative impact of stress on your body. *

Why The Relaxation Factor Is Calm?

Relief Factor helps you with muscle and joint pain. Let Relax Factor Calm help your body manage stress now.

A powerful blend of herbal extracts, Relax Factor Calm helps your body deal with stress effectively by managing your body’s level of cortisol, a hormone produced during stress, and promoting healthy nervous system function and restful sleep. 

Relief Factor Energy

It helps your body have the nutrients available when you need them. It provides taurine, an amino acid that helps improve circulatory function in the body.

Provides B-Complex, including choline, biotin and inositol, enabling your body to use nutrients efficiently and replenish itself.


The B-Complex helps your body absorb and process the nutrients from the foods you eat, making your body more efficient at burning calorie intake and making better use of the energy in your food.

A dose of caffeine Energy contains about the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee – enough to give you a boost without exciting you or making you sleepy at night. Taurine supports improved physical performance, muscle efficiency, and recovery after exercise.

Why Relief Factor Energy?

It’s packed with energy, very small amounts of caffeine and taurine. It does not contain sugar, adds calories and thus contributes to the crash. In addition, it is a healthy product that increases the efficiency of your metabolism. Energy helps you move around and helps your body use your calorie intake better, keeping you fit and strong. Since it’s a supplement, you know exactly how much to take so you are in control. And Relief Factor Energy is even cheaper than a cup of coffee in the afternoon.



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Relief Factor Ingredients – Question and Answer

1. What kind of oil does omega-3 come from?

Our omega-3 is derived from wild mackerel, anchovy and sardine oil, or fish species, molecularly distilled to remove harmful minerals such as mercury and other heavy metals.

2. Are Relief Factor’s ingredients grown with pesticides?

These are not organically grown plants so there is a possibility of pesticides / herbicides, but that doesn’t mean any of them have been used. Plants may technically be organic, but the producer may not decide to go through an expensive process to obtain true organic certification.

3. Do Relief Factor products contain wheat or gluten?

No. Our Relief Factor products do not contain wheat or gluten.

4. Do Relief Factor products contain soy?

Relief Factor contains very little soy since some of the vitemins in our Omega-3 capsule are derived from soy.

5. Is Relief Factor a vegan-friendly product?

Dry capsules are botanical and contain no animal products, so they have an ingredient that fits everyone’s definition of vegan. On the other hand, we get Omega-3 acids from fish.



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